Monday, June 9, 2008

Second Life 5th Birthday: status as of 9 June

First, a notice: NO MORE APPLICATIONS FOR DISPLAYS ARE BEING ACCEPTED for SL5B. Certainly, the art sims are completely filled up. I'd even say they are overbooked.

Almost all the first run of artists (nearly 60) have installed their art at this point. These are the people who got their applications in by 31 May. The art sims look AWESOME. Everyone seems to be pitching in and doing their part. Thank you.

I finally have the list of artists who submitted their requests before the second (or was that the third?) deadline of 6 June. It is another 28 artists, making this (perhaps) the largest collection of contributors. (Music may have more, I'm not sure.) I've been given another sim and a half to play with, which MAY be enough.

Just a heads up ... some people have asked for really huge plots. I may not be able to accommodate them in my 3.5 sims. I'm going to spend tonight going over the space and the requests and seeing if any other "cultures" have space in them. The largest plots are the hardest to place. If you have asked for a large plot and you only need it for the extra prims it allows, please contact me as soon as possible. I may have extra prim allotments. The problem is that I want to accommodate as many artists as possible and when people take up large plots of land, others may not be able to display their work.

Once I figure out how to best divide up the parcels, I (or Codie) will be sending out group invites to this last batch of artists. Remember, you have until 20 June to put up your work! (The show opens on the 23rd.)

Oh, and if you've heard about a corporate offering ... the event will actually run 2 weeks. The first week will feature resident displays and the second will feature corporate displays. Don't ask me about those, Linden Lab is coordinating that effort!

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