Thursday, June 12, 2008

Second Life 5th Birthday: 12 June update

Good news first ...

The artists who applied should all have their invitations in hand. (An invitation is an offer to belong to the SL5B group and a notecard with some information.) People are starting to claim their plots of land and the sims are filling up nicely.

There was an official announcement from Dusty, who is now the head of SL5B, that Phaylen will be coordinating all the resident efforts.

Now the bad news ...

Several people have been told that they cannot have displays that feature both an adult and a child avatar in the same picture. (I wonder if that restriction goes to real life pictures, too?) Stephen Venkman has decided to withdraw the majority of his display and put a landmark to a special gallery he is creating.

Personally, I find LL's reaction to this difficult to understand. And in support for my friends and in support for diversity on the grid, I will do the same. (Picture to come.)

I will continue to support the artists for SL5B for as long as they let me.

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