Thursday, June 5, 2008

Second Life 5th Birthday: status as of 5 June

You may know that SL5B is primarily a resident-run event. All residents running this are volunteers. Be nice to us -- we're not paid to put up with angry residents. The recent changes are due to LL's recent decision to take a more active role in the celebrations. Probably the biggest change for the artists is that all art must be PG. Also, LL has changed the location for signups. To apply for space, go to this web page. Linden Lab has extended the application deadline to June 5th. (Note: If you signed up on the old site, you do NOT need to sign up again.)

Linden Lab has donated 16 sims for SL5B. Two sims have been reserved for the artist community. Every artist who signed up by May 31st (the earlier deadline) should have received (or will receive tonight) an invitation to the SL5B group and a notecard. With this, the two art sims are full.

Because Art isn't the only community to fill up, the SL5B coordinators are asking LL for an additional 4 sims. If we get that, then one of those will be dedicated to artists. I'll be letting people know if they have been accepted as soon as possible.

Also, if you have art with an oriental theme (Japan, China, Thailand, India, etc) then the Oriental sim is accepting art plots, too. Ask for what you need, but don't be greedy -- we have lots of artists in Second Life!

Once you have your plot, if you find that you need a tree removed, please IM me. I am working on getting into the right role to delete those. (Hopefully CodeBastard Redgrave and Stephen Venkman, too.) The three of us are working hard on getting everything set up. If you find that the plot you are assigned isn't as large as you intended, contact ME in SL. I'm coordinating the space requests.

Comments are welcome. Criticisms are welcome if they are helpful. Nastiness will end up in the bit bucket. Additional information on the topic of SL5B can be found at the Linden Lab blog.


Anonymous said...

No nastiness, just a thank you.

Thank you to you and everyone who will be working on the SLB5, featured on it, and just walking around it...

That is what makes SL what it is, and I just felt like saying thank you here. :)

Shoshana Epsilon said...

That really did sound negative. My apologies. I haven't been receiving many unpleasant IMs. I'm just a bit stressed, trying to make sure the artists get as much time to build as they can.

I did "such a good job" with the art sim parcelling, they've asked me to do all the other sims, too. That took 4 evenings, and now we're getting more sims. LOL. Please, don't hurt me so much!!!

(In truth, I'm glad people are taking such a positive interest in this. I'm glad to be part of it. I just want time to snuggle my Beloved now and then.)

Anonymous said...

seriously, it wasn't meant to be anything but a thank you because I'm sure this celebration has to be the biggest hassle to deal with.

Truth be told, doing any event is stressful and I wanted to say thanks.

PS: The IP address is not the same, but it is me, who is the same and I will IM you in world as myself to say thank you to you personally.

Lol maybe you didn't mean that I was being negative??? I'll IM you. Really, as a fellow resident who loves to look at other resident's artwork- I appreciate the work you do. <3

Shoshana Epsilon said...

No, I'm not saying your comment sounded negative. I'm saying my post did. I'm just tired. I can barely spell anymore!