Friday, April 25, 2008

Avatrait - one more week

If you are reading this, then you are a friend of mine, since no one else reads it, I'm certain. And if you are a friend and you haven't been to Avatrait to see my show, please do, because the show will be up for one more week.

The art is one-of-a-kind in SL, which means that if it is purchased, I can't bring it into SL ever again. So far, I've sold 8 pieces. (Yay!) Not as many as Kimberly Mirabeau, but LOTS in my book.

I have one more "meet the artist" event on Tuesday, April 29th. Then I'm done. So take this last opportunity to see what I've been creating!

Love you all.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Opening was a smashing success!

I want to thank everyone who came to the Avatrait Gallery opening on Saturday, April 12th, except that I was so overwhelmed, I have to idea who was there! I had a blast.

There was a bit of a glitch in that 2 people were able to buy the same picture. It turned out to be an SL hiccup. We worked it out, and there will be a very happy buyer shortly. I sold 4 pieces at the opening, then two more since then. All the pieces are still up and will remain up until the end of the show, at which time they will be delivered to the purchasers.

My head is still spinning. Here's a picture of the dance party at the end. Wow, what a day.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Featured Artist for Avatrait Gallery!!!

This isn't a reposting of a previous post, so please read on!

In April, I will be the featured artist at the Avatrait gallery in SL. The grand opening will be April 12th, time is 1 pm SL time. Location is the Avatrait gallery: Simuality 31, 203, 35. This show will hold many pictures not seen before.

The Avatrait gallery has a fresh new look, with new furnishings and plants. The opening will have a DJ and fireworks. If you've never been to the Avatrait gallery, this is the way it works. The Featured Artist (me!) has to present pictures that have never been sold before. Preferably, pictures that have never even been seen before. If you buy the SL picture, you will own the ONLY SL version of the picture. It is an "exclusive". You can also buy a RL print (matted, framed). I've seen these -- Avatrait does a really nice job of making them.

I'm really excited about this show. If the sim is too crowded (yay!) then don't forget that the display will be up for 3 more weeks. I'll also host Meet-the-Artist events during the month:
Thursday, April 17th at 4pm
Sunday, April 20th at 5am
Tuesday, April 22th at 4pm
Tuesday, April 29th at 4pm

But you should come to the gallery and see ALL the art. Not only my work will be on display, but also many other Second Life artists, too. You will recognize quite a few. Please come by in April and visit!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Short post ... as of today, I have 100,000 views on flickr! The out my stream! WOOOT!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dear Cannery Artists

Earlier this week, I wrote a letter to all the artists of the Cannery show "A Different Light". The show was a success in terms of the quality of the art there, and if the art is still up, you should take a look at it. It was a failure in my efforts to get events happening there, get people more involved, etc.

There is currently an event planned for mid-month ... a party, an award ceremony. My friend Vint Falken is planning it. I will attend and help to give out awards, if there are any.

However, my association as curator has ended with Rezzable. My resignation was effective March 31st. I hope to participate in future shows as an artist, but not in a position of responsibility there.

My attentions are now with Avatrait, where I am a member of the Board. I did not have the attention to deal with both. Avatrait is actively seeking talented SL artists. I'll post more about this later.

Best regards to all of you, my friends. I am very glad I had the opportunity to help some of you get your work shown.