Friday, March 14, 2008

Dom/Domme Drinks

I had a bad day at work today and got to wishing I had a drink. Not to get drunk with, but to get that nice warm feeling of contentment and "I don't give a shit about work atm" attitude. Stephen offered me a beer in IM, which was quite kind, but on those rare occasions that I DO drink, beer isn't it. What did I want? Khalua and cream. Or better yet, Baileys on the Rocks. We got to talking, and I got to thinking.

Now, I'm taking an informal survey. What do Dom/Dommes drink when they unwind?

Drop your answer at the bottom of the blog. It will give me an idea of whether anyone is even reading this thing, but also will make an interesting and completely unscientific survey.

Drive safely.


Ryker Beck said...

Well, I'm not a domme (I'm more a sub if anything), but... I prefer a good shot of chilled Limon, neat -- for when I just want a good shot of alcohol. If I'm looking for something to sip, I'll generally stick to white russians, fuzzy navels, and crown and coke.

Tyffany Flintoff said...

Sapphire Gin and Tonic.


Lots of ice


Feet up on a suitable prostrate body.


CB said...


if i want it sweet, kamikazes, Sex on the beach, apple martinis, anything sugary.

if i want it hard, tequilas, harley-davidsons, bourbon, vodka on ice, those can blow your brains out.

if i want it sophisticated and sensual, porto, red wine, martinis.

if i want it sparkly, white wine or champagne of course.

if i just want to relax, a good imported beer, from henekein blondes to guiness draught.

Anonymous said...

As a sub/slave?

hmmmm French 76's and Champagne martinins.

oooo and sake, the expensive kind.

And my Master gives these to me in RL too!

Jamie said...

Can I be flip and say 'anything she wants'?