Saturday, December 8, 2007

It was Too Short

Ok, we tried.

Vint saw my picture of her, ruthed, and asked me politely to take it down. In my usual "let's be difficult" way, I said "no". She threatened me with a blackmail picture that she felt was sure to cause me to cave in, but I rather liked the picture, so of course I maintained "no". She suggested we should have a pretend war, we each decided on who should be on her side and who on my side, and the war was on!

I posted the first blog and tried to get VERY campy so everyone would know that we were kidding. She posted her picture (thank you, Vint, but I have two, you know) and a very non-specific tale of woe. I was going to follow her around in Second Life, taking picture of dirty laundry hanging out in front of her home, or something equally outrageous, but then I got an email from a concerned citizen who was afraid that a) two friends were going down the warpath and b) we'd get banned from Flickr.

I felt certain I could help our mutual friend see that we were playing, but frankly, I have no such hope that Flickr would be as understanding.

By the way, if Vint was really upset with it, I would have removed the picture in a heartbeat. We're friends and I wouldn't want to damage that.


vint falken said...

Yeah. Indeed. But I started all this?!!! *grins*

BTW. Have we been bad girl avies now? :/

Tyffany Flintoff said...

/me tuts.. Shoshana - it's the very fact that *anyone* would believe this was a real spat that made the whole thing amusing. You should have milked it for a good week at least.

Raul Crimson said...

Sho, you both are crazy, hahaha
But i have to confess for a moment i thought you both became drama queens

vint falken said...

But Raul, we are! (Just not _that_ much drama. :d)